Protecting Taxpayers & Instilling Fiscal Discipline

Judy knows that Pennsylvania’s taxpayers just can’t give anymore.  That’s why, as our State Representative, she’ll work for initiatives that protect taxpayers by instilling fiscal discipline in state government, give taxpayers a stronger voice and help reduce costs for governments at every level.

  • Bringing Business Sense to Government Budgeting 
    In the business world, departments don’t get more money than the year before just because it’s a new year.  Government needs to work the same.  Judy will work for budgeting changes that require state departments to justify their requests for more money before they can be given more money.  Just as important, Judy will fight to implement short-, mid- and long-range budget planning so that we plan for not only today, but the future.
  • Fair & Effective Pension Reform 
    Judy supports changing the state pension system to a 401k-style plan that is better for taxpayers and actually gives employees control over their money.  Best of all, this vital reform will help cut costs for school districts as well, helping them to hold the line on property taxes.  As an example of her commitment to this reform, Judy will refuse the legislative defined benefit pension.
  • Real Mandate Relief
    Judy will push for mandate relief that reduces the burden placed on local governments and school district to pay for thing for which they receive no state funding.  This will help reduce unfair costs for taxpayers and eliminate unnecessary laws from the books.
  • Use Gaming Money as Promised
    Judy will support bipartisan legislation that would require 100% of gaming money to be used for property tax relief across the state, just as the politicians promised it would be.