Stronger Schools for a Brighter Future
Judy knows that the key to preparing our kids for a brighter future is to make sure they get a good education.  As Representative, she will fight for stronger schools.  Most importantly, Judy knows more money is not the answer, but that we must also reform the education system so it works better for kids.

  • Fair Funding for Schools
    Judy will make sure that our schools have the money they need to provide a strong education in the classroom, but not simply write a blank check.
  • Smart Education Reforms 
    Judy will support teacher tenure reforms, teacher effectiveness and merit pay initiatives and even furlough reforms that all have one goal: make sure our teachers and schools are the best they can be.    The liberal teachers’ union won’t like it, but Judy will stand up for our kids instead of the special interests.
  • More Local Control
    Judy know that what works in Philadelphia, Lancaster or Pittsburgh may not be what’s best for Blair County’s schools.  That’s why she supports giving local parents, teachers and administrators a stronger voice and more control over our local schools.