Judy knows the best thing we can do for everyone in Pennsylvania is jumpstart our economy so families get the good-paying jobs they need. To do that, she’ll make sure we treat job creators as partners instead of as adversaries.

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Judy knows that our community has different concerns and different needs than those in other parts of the state. As our State Representative, she will stand up to represent our values and our local communities.

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Judy knows that Pennsylvania’s taxpayers just can’t give anymore. That’s why, as our State Representative, she’ll work for initiatives that protect taxpayers by instilling fiscal discipline in state government, give taxpayers a stronger voice and help reduce costs for governments at every level.

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Judy will be a leader in the fight for real reform to ensure open and transparent government, and save taxpayers money.

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Judy knows that the key to preparing our kids for a brighter future is to make sure they get a good education. As Representative, she will fight for stronger schools. Most importantly, Judy knows more money is not the answer, but that we must also reform the education system so it works better for kids.

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